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AFER is published quarterly in March, June, September and December and is now in its 50 year of publication. As a scholarly journal, AFER is distinguished for its open discussion and unbiased commitment to pastoral issues affecting the Church in Africa. AFER is dispatched to over seventy countries and has a subscription close to 1000 worldwide. Gaba Publications welcomes scholarly articles from competent authors, scholars and pastoral workers. The articles should have a specific message for the Church in Africa. ISSN 0250-4650

1. Aim

To make Christ’s message relevant through disseminating reflection, discussion, informed views, documentation and pastoral ministry. AFER provides a medium of publication for writers to share ideas on issues affecting the Church in Africa.

2. Scope

AFER covers all topics which contribute to theological research notably in religious studies, African theology and pastoral experience.


AFER is invaluable for the clergy, religious, students and lecturers in theological institutions, scholars and those in formation, pastoral workers and all Christians.


The platform section provides a much-requested service to readers who wish to respond to other writers’ published articles/manuscripts.

5. Book Reviews

The Book Review section caters for a wide-acclaimed need in Africa to authors, university students, researchers, theology students and librarians who wish to be informed of the available books on various subjects.

6. Index

The last issue of the year carries an index of all the articles published throughout the year with their authors in alphabetical order.


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